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Creating Nova Rayne

Hi! If you clicked on this blog post then you would like to know a little about my business Nova Rayne Photography. To know how we got here, I feel like I should start with a little bit about me.

My name is Amber. I am 27 years old, engaged to my best friend (to be married in November '22!) and a mom to two girls under five.. Mayley Rayne & Melody Nova.

My daughters are the reason for all I do and that is why I named my business after them.

I was born in Tucson, Arizona and shortly after was taken to a little town called Pinetop, Arizona where I spent the first 18 years of my life. I still have a paper from when I was in second grade and the paper asked what I wanted to be.. & I scribbled down "photographer."

In 2014 I moved to Denver, Colorado to be with my now-fiance Nathan, and I had pretty much any job you can think of. I worked as a nanny for many years, at a Dog retreat (boarding essentially,) as a shirt presser for a local dry cleaner, a cake decorator at a bakery, and 10 years ago I fell in love with welding and became certified in 4 processes! Some call me a jack of all trades, some just call me a gemini, neither are wrong. 😂

My oldest was born in 2018 and she is my rainbow baby. There was a time where I struggled with fertility and was told there was a chance I could never carry my own children to term. So when she was born at 36 weeks it was a rollercoaster of emotions. Mostly, I wanted to keep her small. I couldn't stop time so instead I took so many pictures of her I had to buy a new phone to be able to keep up 😂

Then came a time when cell phone pictures just weren't cutting it so I invested in my first real camera. Soon after I found out I was pregnant again with my youngest. I decided I wanted to take pictures to remember my pregnant body since I was sure it would be the last time I experienced the feeling. With the help of Nathan we took my maternity pictures and I thought Wow. I love the way these pictures make me feel. So I asked my sister-in-law who was also pregnant at the time if she wanted me to take pictures. While doing her session I had a moment where I just knew without a doubt that photography is what I was meant to do.

When I got home from that session I felt so inspired but it quickly turned to discouraged when I realized I knew nothing about photo editing. I sent her the unedited pictures along with some I attempted to edit. When all was said and done I felt so down because I really wanted to be a photographer, but how could I? Defeated, I put my oldest to bed and as I was tucking her in and looking at her sweet face I thought to myself.. I hope you always follow your dreams. And then it occurred to me. I was being a hypocrite. I wanted her to believe in the power of her dreams but I lived in fear of mine. That night I decided to give it a shot so I could at least say I tried.

I wrote a list of all things that intimidated me about owning a photography business, first of which was editing. I joined a free photoshop group and attempted every edit that was requested. I spent hours learning how to use professional software in the moments I could find which were mostly when my kids slept. I spent years editing other people's work and fell in love with editing. Then I moved down my list and built my portfolio. I tried every kind of photography I could manage, and began building my website and client list.

When I felt that I was 100% ready I filed as a llc becoming Nova Rayne Photography LLC. This step was super exciting. Shortly after I held my first event and really launched my business. I decided the most important part of this to me is the experience. I want my customers to feel taken care of from the moment they book. I want to make sure they look their best, feel their best, and receive artwork they can cherish.

Here we are.. nearing the end of 2022 and creating Nova Rayne Photography has been one of the biggest adventures of my life. I pride myself in delivering quality work and products. I have a client list that is full of friends that genuinely want the best for me. I have a life that I'm trying to build and it is on the horizon. I hope when you book with me you know that you are helping me accomplish my dreams and each purchase big or small helps fund my children's future. Thank you for being here.

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