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Stranger Photo Sessions & Events

What is a Stranger Photoshoot?

In 2021 when people first started emerging from their homes after the first major wave of COVID.. they were STARVED for connection. People had been staying home for months and didn't know how to interact, connect, or even meet new people. That's when overnight everyone's TikTok FYP was flooded with something called STRANGER PHOTOSHOOTS. A group of photographers had set up blind dates for their friends/clients and tagged along with their camera. The two strangers knew nothing about each other and the photographers captured their first look at their match as well as posed them like they had known each other much longer than a few minutes! While it's hard to narrow down who came up with this viral trend, it's been done by photographers all over the USA. Here, in Denver Colorado one photographer has been doing Stranger Photo Sessions since 2021 and is the person to go to if you want to participate this spontaneous and exciting photoshoot experience! Amber Gillespie (Wacks) with Nova Rayne Photography has a potential participants list of over 200 available singles in the Denver Metro Area looking to connect with someone new! Is your match already on the list waiting for you to sign up?



Can you believe this couple met only MINUTES before this picture took place? 


First we go through the matching process together! Once we have a clear idea of who your ideal Stranger match is I get to work searching for them!

Once we have a confirmed match we plan a fun and exciting date customized to what you have in common with your match!

We plan out what to wear, location, and I take care of all the little details. 

Then you meet your match on location of a romantic photoshoot planned just for you. I walk you through cute couple poses and give you a chance to connect. And you receive high quality photos to remember the experience.

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